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Step 1 of 21 - Day 1

  • Write down three things that you are truly grateful for in your life, then click save (this will give you a URL (website address to come back to or you can use your email address and it will email you the link), do this until you get to 21 days and then click submit.

TIP: Always click ‘next‘ and then ‘Save and Continue‘. Then enter your email address for that days and previous days entries. It’s always a new URL each time you click next and then save and continue.

The Gratitude
Challenge – 21 Days

Write down for 21 days three things that you are truly grateful for in your life, using the form.

The challenge is that you may give up, lose interest half way through, however if you want to create a new habit, it takes 21 times of doing something to create that habit. You can not use the same thing twice, each day you must choose something else that you are grateful for.

It can be things like:

I’m truly grateful for my legs so I could walk to work today
My eyes so that I can see all the beauty around me, every day
Having food to eat for breakfast this morning, knowing that I’m provided for

Whatever it is for you is fine, each time you complete a day, click next and then ‘Save and Continue‘ until you reach Day 21, when you will be able to click ‘Submit‘.

You will then receive an email with your entries on it and with in 24 hours a certificate for completing The Gratitude Challenge – 21 Days.

Offline Version

Should you not wish to use an online form and you prefer to use pen and paper then please download this gratitude page to record for yourself.

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If you want a copy of your certificate we are going to need to see that you have done it, you can upload to us using this send us a file form here.
Choose the ‘The Gratitude Challenge – 21 Days’ in ‘What’s the file for?’

21 Day Gratitude Challenge

Your copy will be emailed to you.