Adventure or not to adventure

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Adventure or not to Adventure

When you have the chance to have an adventure, make sure you take it! Enjoy every single moment of the adventure that you are having. Be present and live in the moment of that day.

Go and visit a place that is local to you, the place that maybe you have not visited since you were a child and you went with your parents. Go and check it out again, go and discover all the new things they have.

Do you treat the everyday as an adventure? So, from the moment you step out of your front do, you are on an adventure for that day? Would that maybe be more fun? Imagine the new stories you could tell yourself!

What you might be telling yourself now:

“Damn it’s the first day after the week and I’m back at work, got a long trip into work this morning and the traffic is going to be a nightmare! I know my manager is going to have a go at me as well for bunking of work on Friday as well. How can I make this day go any quicker?”

What if the day was an adventure?

“Another fantastic day for an adventure, had an amazing weekend as well. Today’s adventure is educating others in the work I do and I get to listen and learn on the way to work this morning, and come Friday I get to have another amazing weekend. This time I will own up to having an issue on Friday and make up for it this week, with the boss man at the office. Really going to enjoy the day at the office as well.”

Seriously which one sounds more exciting on a Monday or Tuesday morning after an amazing weekend? Which person are you going to be at the start of the week? Which person are you going to be at the end of the week as well?

Black Squirrel in UK

Black Squirrel in UK seen above, make sure you are watching whats around you, you have no idea what you may miss.

Bit of exploring as well.

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