The idea behind the cards is very simple, it’s a card for you with a question on it. You get to ask yourself the question, really think about it and then ask another person the same question and then pass them the card.

Currently there are only 168 cards in the world, they started the journey around November 2017.

Ask A Question Today


Because we should be asking questions of ourselves and of others. This in turn helps to create connections, listen to the answers for you and the other person as well.


I’m sure you don’t need help meeting new people or making friends, but what if someone else does? Before passing them the card, ask that person the question on the card. Be present as they answer the question (100% present, get off the phone and really listen). They will ask you for your answer as well, so have you answer ready, and it’s your answer for you and that’s fine.


You meet someone you haven’t seen in a while, or someone new or an old friend.


We would love to know where the cards end up around the world, they started in the United Kingdom, share your name, details and picture with us below and we will post out and tag you on our social network or follow us on Facebook and share your selfie with your card and the person that gave it to you.
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