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Forfeit or Consequence = FREE Life Coaching Hampshire

This morning had a life coaching call booked this with a client, but the client didn’t manage to make the call on time and as arranged. Within the hour received an apology message, which truly grateful for, but felt they needed to be a forfeit or consequence for that missed call.

With agreement, we decided that that client would pay for another person to receive a 30 minute one to one coaching call with Your Life Adventure Coach Matthew Allshorn.

So, if you would like to apply for a FREE life coaching session with coach Matthew then fill in the form on the right or below (if on mobile). In one paragraph explain why you should receive the coaching session. No begging or pleading, the best one wins the session.

The lesson from today, so often in life we forget the consequence of and an account and what that could mean. We must hold ourselves accountable to what we do. My lesson was to turn around the negative the client didn’t turn up for the call, to a positive that someone else can enjoy. The client, want to make the same mistake and feels good they have given back (a massive thank you for that), but also felt some pain as well for paying the monies out.

What could you do to hold yourself more accountable? What could be a forfeit or a consequence of not doing something you said you would do? Do you need to take action NOW?

We will choose the winner on the 30th June 2017 (worth £119.00) and email the person that day to let them know how they can claim their FREE coaching call.

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