Personal Development Coach Hampshire – Matthew JF Allshorn

  • Born in 1977 in Harold Wood, Essex
  • Grow up on what now know was a set from the ‘Good Life’ (TV Show)
  • Left school at 16 with highest grade being a ‘D’ in something
  • Worked in print and graphics for 10 years before starting own companies in 2003
  • Started journey of self development
  • 2013 Took the 50 miles in 24 hours challenge
  • Took 6 months out to travel the world (21 flights in 2015)
  • Fully qualified as a life coach
  • Have four fundamental gifts: dyslexia, understand technology, creative and my sensory acuity

I’m here to help YOU, because I truly believe YOU Matter, I believe that women need women time and guys need guy time. So often when that is taken away in a relationship we lose our indentity of who we are in our core.

I have a habit of asking the right questions at the right time, with all the friends that I have in my life, and can truly reach them and get to know them. Which is a fantastic gift for a coach to have, because it means I get to know you as well and how we can find out what needs to happen for you.

I truly love engaging with people that know that they want some different than maybe what they have, or they don’t know, but it comes out any way. Whatever is said between us is treated with the confidence as never repeated. I use several tools that I have been shown to help you, that’s what I’m here for!

I know you may be saying to yourself, I don’t need help I have done well up until know. I’m sure you have, but what if someone came along and could support you further and push and hold you accountable to what you say YOU are going to do!

This is in my experience please bear that in mind.


In my experience, not many guys like to be asked the questions I ask because they want to keep the answers wrapped up inside, which is fine and its why guys need their freedom to go and do stuff with other guys. Going to the pub, going on adventure days, having fun with other guys.


Ladies will quite often answer the questions with ease because they may not have been asked the questions for a while. So, guys if your reading this start asking questions, the right questions. Or that’s what I’m here to do, ask the right questions so you can find the answers and give yourself permission to act or do what you need to do for you ladies.

So often we by default think negatively in our minds of anything that happens, when we concentrate on that we cannot see the wood for the trees. So, to find the answers it’s a great idea to change the mood we are in to ask a better question to find the answer. Imagine going to bed at night, you have been thinking about this problem all day, but just before you fall asleep you ask the question, and when you wake up you have the answer as if by magic. Nope it’s your brain working it out for you… it just needs to be asked the right question.

I personal live the life that I want to live, life is on my terms. I have not worked for someone else for a very long time, as in a job, as it’s not for me. I own my own business and love helping other people achieve their goals and dreams.

I have four fantastic gifts, one is dyslexia, which means I understand things differently and don’t see the order of letters and numbers as they are written down. But this gave me my second gift, understanding technology and not being afraid of it. I’m very creative (third gift) and can come up with lots of ideas and ways to do things in life. My sensory acuity, is great because I know what is going on with people in a room, by how they are, how they act and just a feeling that I get when with them or talking to them on the phone.

Hopefully all other the above has given you a bit of insight as to who I am and why I do what I do.

Many thanks, Matthew JF Allshorn

Personal Life Coach Hampshire


  • Started work at 16 as an Apple Mac Operator
  • Started working for myself at age of 24
  • Setup first company not long afterwards
  • Worked as a shop fitter
  • Almost 100% of work comes from referrals
  • Doubled one business customer base by business networking
  • Promotions within direct selling business
  • Crewed at Tony Robbins Events
  • Attended Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within & Date with Destiny
  • Lived in Bali, Thailand and the States for months at a time
  • Visited national parks in Las Vegas and Zion Canyon
  • Tandem skydive from 15,000 feet
  • Driven a Lambo, Ferrari and Aston Martin
  • Helped grow other peoples’ companies
  • Volunteered for security
  • Crewed GoPro for Eric Worre
  • Buying gifts for strangers
  • Volunteer for Basket Brigade in London (2014, 2015 & 2016)
  • Helping friends achieve their dreams
  • Dealing with probate
  • Attending TEDx events
  • Running networking events
  • Walking on a regular basis
  • Started book give away at Positive People Network
  • Setup first preview of ‘I’m Not Your Guru’ in London
  • Sold two properties on own
  • Moved in under two weeks

I share these with you not to show off, but to show you what is possible, some of the personal stuff is not on here.