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Digital House MD Team Building

It was our pleasure to take the team at Digital House MD through our confidence workshop the other week, sharing with them many tools, learning and practices to help build their confidence. We started out with a workshop in the morning at Desk Lodge in Basingstoke, working our way through the Your Life Your Adventure workbook 2018 edition.

Followed by an afternoon at Alton High Sports centre with two climbing instructors for the team to build further confidence in something that they had not done before. Climb their way up the walls, along with having the confidence in belaying their fellow team members as well. Which also builds trust with in the team as well, as you have someone else life in your hands.

Rock Climbing 2018

The climbing instructors helped the team to warm up before starting to climb and learning how to be safe. They then learn about how to rope up and to get ready to belay others, up and down the wall. Along with time to boulder around the smaller walls as well, without the need to wear harnesses as well.

It was great to see all the team enjoying themselves and getting on with the climb. They also got to belay their fellow team members as well.

They all enjoyed the afternoon doing something different. What do you need to be doing that could change your day today?

Rock Climbing Digital House 2018

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