Why Walking and Talking Will Really Help!

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12 reasons why you should be walking and talking with a Your Life Your Adventure coach, all of which will have a massive impact on your life:

  1. When you are out walking, you are working from a position of health
  2. Physical activity drawers out emotions
  3. You naturally become more talkative and relaxed
  4. Walking engages present moment awareness
  5. Easier to talk honestly and openly as eye contact can be uncomfortable for some
  6. Walking in parallel with visual distractions can allow for easier communication
  7. Allowing the flow of positiveness outside and exercise is something we all strive for
  8. Exposure to nature decreases the negative behaviours such as aggression anxiety depression and illness
  9. It can positively increase general health, cognitive capacity and overall well-being
  10. Exposure to nature can increase one sense of belonging
  11. Getting you out of the same four walls home office school etc
  12. You have no idea what wide life you may just come across

I know how much this had an impact on my life when I discovered walking again in a serious way back in 2013 with two very close friends now. Which started me on a path that I am on today, if you want to find out more about changing your life so you can be the best version of you that you can be, then reach out and make connection.